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Volunteer abroad, in Africa with our charity and make a difference in the lives of otherwise neglected poor children and communities

. Volunteering in Africa with us has benefits for you but importantly, you are the means for us to provide children and families in broken and poor communities some decency of living and a fighting chance to escape the jaws of extreme poverty. Healthcare, Education, Water and Shelter are our priorities.

Through us, the poor, needy and neglected, together with volunteers from abroad work in Africa and live side by side, share cultures, perspectives and new ideas to solve problems, inspire, build bridges and dispel myths. Join us.

This website maintained by our charity is largely focused on promoting why you should consider

volunteering abroad with us and how our volunteer opportunities in Africa for you in a group or as individual

make an effective difference in your life and that of the children and families in these neglected places in Africa where our volunteers work.

Our approach to problem solving approach and programs are intelligently and constantly informed by our ground experience, volunteers and beneficiaries inputs and changing security, safety and economic circumstances. As an organization run locally by local people, with nearly twenty years of experience working with international volunteers of different ages, nationalities, interests, skills and needs, we are unmatched in our impact abilities to best serve and protect our international volunteers whilst tapping their energy and skills to drive changes in local communities.

Fun, Adventure & Learning
Included for you are; Safari and visit to places of interest
Explore new things and places in Africa when you volunteer in Africa, and discover fascinating wildlife, cultures, people and places. That makes your trip abroad one of a lifetime. We help a volunteer plan a safari and trip to places of interest. In some occasions, We arrange for volunteers to join a packaged tour. We provide information on the interesting places and things to do abroad in the pre-departure documentation. If a volunteer wishes for a staff to escort the volunteer to places of interest or safari, our support team is there for the volunteer.
| Certificate, Attestation, reference letter

Award and Recognition

We provide all who volunteer in Africa with us a certificate and a reference letter with a memorabilia in recognition of your service. Approved as an Official Certifying Organization, If you are an American citizen or a permanent resident of the United States, the hours spent volunteering with us qualify for the President's Volunteer Service Awards program, and we will credit you with those hours. The award is a medal, personalized certificate and congratulatory letter from the President of United States.
For those who are seeking academic credits, or volunteering as part of an elective program, We can work with your professor to engage you appropriately to enable you earn those credits.
We also provide reference and testimonials for our volunteers who volunteer in Africa, and need it to pursue employment, promotion or college application whenever it is requested. There is no limit to time or number of requests you can make. And there are no charges for these services.
| Local language lessons
Learning local language
In the pre-departure booklet, you will find pages of common local phrases and how they are pronounced. This help a volunteer interact with a larger group of audience and blend into the culture of the people, meet people who cannot speak english, half-way in communication. it helps a volunteer who volunteer in africa with us, who decides to volunteer in Ghana, volunteer in Kenya, Volunteer in Uganda, or volunteer in Liberia to learn a few of them. A volunteer can become a darling to many people if the volunteer can utter some few local syllabus to their dismay. So why don't a volunteer take the chance to learn something before arriving. The local language catalogue comes inclusive to the pre-departure package we offer you, no additional fee.
| Cultural Immersion programs

African Cultural Immersion

This is one reason behind our option of host family stay accommodation if you volunteer in Africa. We have trained host families in Africa who integrate the volunteer into their family and the community, volunteer will attend social events like traditional weddings, birthday parties, visiting other family and friends abroad, etc. They help you learn most of the common phrases quickly and explain to you most of the new things you will see abroad each day. Just ask them. We organize activities like drumming and dancing, language lessons in the volunteers house accommodation and the guest house accommodation to help keep the cultural immersion aspect of the program in our work. We choose communities which are notably hospitable and rich in culture. Volunteer in Africa, in all our projects and places, a volunteer will have cultural immersion as part of the program.
| Pre-departure support

Pre Departure Documentation for a volunteer in Africa

Inclusive in each volunteer abroad, volunteer in Africa pre-departure document are; Country overview, How to make the most of the volunteer placement, Vaccinations required before the volunteer travel, Packing for volunteer abroad trip, Staying in touch with family and friends whilst abroad, Food and drinks, Abroad transportation information, Climate, Safety measures, Money and Budgeting for volunteer's trip, Applying for visa, Planning a Safari and places to visit abroad, useful websites and information resources for a volunteer in Africa opportunity. Commonly used local language phrases and their meanings and more.
We take care of you
We pre-handle; Accommodation

Accommodation for Volunteers in Africa

We provide three types of accommodation. An African host family, stay in our Africa volunteers' house or stay in a guest house (for larger groups only). Host families we choose are background checked, trained and selected with a careful criteria, to provide our volunteers, if you volunteer in Africa with us, families that are open to learn and share cultures and perspectives.
if you volunteer in Africa with us, each accommodation facility gives you access to a living room, dining area, a family made of a couple and child(ren), bath, safe water, toilet and electricity. In some homes there is internet service. You will have your own room or share with another volunteer depending on the number of volunteers in a community on a project. In your room, there is a bed, sheets and wardrobe. Some rooms have television, fan, air-condition, own bath and/or toilet.
| Meals


A volunteer is served with breakfeast, lunch and dinner. However depending on the time and distance between your work place and home, you might have to snack on some lunch days if you are working late. Volunteer are offered both local and continental foods familiar to the volunteer. Introduction to local foods is soft and if there is any the volunteer comes to like, it becomes a part of the volunteer's menu chart. Volunteer in Africa and have the best of organic foods. You will have rice, chips, chicken, bread, eggs, tea, coffee and truly fresh and organic fruits regular in your meals. Volunteer in Africa with us, choose one of our volunteer opportunities in Africa or mission trips to Africa and reserve your spot to volunteer abroad in Africa with us.
| Travel, Evacuation and Health Insurance

Travel and Health Insurance cover for our volunteers in Africa

Insurance inclusive in fees paid. $50,000 medical maximum @ $100 deductible. In addition to the medical benefits, the plan also provides the following additional features: * $300,000 for Emergency Medical Evacuation! * $10,000 for Emergency Reunion! (brings your family to your bedside in the event of a medical emergency evacuation) * $5,000 Trip cancellation benefit * $250 Lost checked luggage benefit * $25,000.00 of Accidental Death * Terrorism Coverage (see brochure for details) and more. Freedom of mind to volunteer in africa, as hospital volunteer, nurse volunteer, midwife volunteer, medical volunteer, orphanage volunteer, orphanage work, teaching volunteer, wildlife volunteer, to volunteer in Ghana, volunteer in Kenya, Volunteer in Uganda, volunteer in Liberia.
| Travel Visa
VISA TO THE COUNTRY you volunteer in Africa
If the volunteer's nationality requires that the volunteer apply for a visa before entering the project country abroad, we provide the supporting documents for the volunteer to apply for visa to travel to volunteer in Africa. We have a wonderful relationship with the missions abroad so even if it happens for any reason a volunteer is not able to apply for a visa before departure, We can arrange for the volunteer to pick visa upon arrival. Such a process cost more to the volunteer and could be time consuming. The volunteer should therefore apply for the visa before arrival, normal time is two weeks for a volunteer to receive your passport back with your visa to volunteer in Ghana, volunteer in Kenya, Volunteer in Uganda, volunteer in Liberia. So applying three weeks to one month prior to departure to volunteer abroad, volunteer in Africa is ok.
| Flight

Flight to volunteer in Africa

We help volunteers get the most affordable flight to travel abroad to the project country, to the nearest international airport. We connect to some travel companies, we use our associations to get ticket coupons, offers and lowest airfares for our volunteers. Make your search, tell us the best deal you got, we will then run our search and inquiries and let you know the results so you can decide. And do not worry about the arrival time or day, we shall be at the airport to meet you and pick you up.
| Connected Mobile Phones to call and text family and friends during your time volunteering in Africa
Each volunteer is giving a pay as you go mobile phone service, mobile phones are provided to volunteers at venues which should be returned in its good shape upon departure. If there is going to be more than one volunteer in a host house, we may choose to provide one mobile phone for the household volunteers. Most of our projects villages have spots where you can get a mobile phone coverage. A volunteer could go to Africa with own phone and we shall provide the volunteer the pay as you go service in the project country in Africa, be it volunteer in Ghana, volunteer in Kenya, Volunteer in Uganda or volunteer in Liberia. volunteer in Africa with us, choose one of our volunteer opportunities in Africa or mission trips to Africa and reserve your spot to volunteer abroad in Africa with us.
Featured Publication " managing crises between host family and a volunteer in Africa  "  June 10th, 2014

So you sign up to volunteer in Africa, you are enjoying your volunteer work in Africa but then you are having problems with your host whist volunteering in Africa on a project, what happens? For us here, as always mentioned, our work to offer you a great experience volunteering in Africa spans from the day you express and interest to four weeks after you have returned to your home after the volunteer work in Africa is done. Some of the problems that can occur with your host family whilst volunteering in Africa include difficulty with the choices of meals, compromising on cultural etiquettes versus liberal lifestyle, limitations in independence, privacy, overprotectiveness, misplaced or loss of item, noise, etc. The good news is if you volunteer in Africa with our charity, we are several steps proactive and quick on pre-emptive solutions and actions. Volunteers in Africa with us always have a Continue reading