Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

We are a charitable organization working with local and international volunteers in Africa to improve lives in poor communities.

A volunteer teaching school children proper way to brush their teeth A volunteer teaching school children proper way to brush their teeth With a small effort from each of us in different ways, we are able to bring hope and save a child from going to bed hungry and from being sick daily. Such an amazing impact, soul-fulfilling, satisfying and worthy of the sacrifices. We focus on childhood development and education as a pathway out of the cycle of poverty. We focus on feminine hygiene solutions and reproductive health education as a strategy to empower girls. We focus on empowering the youth and parents through support for agriculture and petty trade, with periodic free healthcare services, to make them capable of supporting the children’s welfare and education so we can wind up and move on to others.

We rely on volunteers, many from abroad, to run our intervention programs. You are welcome to volunteer in Africa with us.

This website is designed to offer a basic introduction to you and the different ways you can be a part of our causes as a volunteer or a donor. We invite every individual or representative of a group, organization or program that share our vision to talk to us about how we can team up. We develop initiatives to generate funding for our activities and volunteers’ expenses, but we are happy to welcome donations. “Nothing in life is more liberating than to fight for a cause larger than yourself, something that encompasses you but is not defined by your existence alone.” – US Senator John McCain of blessed memory.

We are introducing farmers to modern methods that boost yield, provide better storage life, pest resistance, and economic value for the poor farmers. We are providing microfinance for land preparation, seedlings, harvesting, and transportation to market. Volunteers work with us in educating the farmers, providing extension services and managing the utilization of microfinance allocated to a farmer. Volunteers also work with us to plant trees in schools to provide shade for children to play, fruits to the children, and support environmental conservation.

Feminine hygiene

We are making and providing reusable feminine hygiene pads for girls in schools in poor communities. this is our effort to keep them in school even during menstruation even if they are unable to afford disposable sanitary pads and do not want to be shamed in school if they get a leak. Volunteers will join us to make these reusable pads, send them to the girls in schools in poor communities, educate them on how to use it, educate them on feminine health and feminine reproductive system. Volunteers will also encourage the girls to believe in themselves that they can pursue and be the best in any career.

Reading and Literacy

From bookmaking to storytelling and through board games, we are creating interest and excitement in children to be curious about books and love reading. Our program is strategically designed to also improve their grammar, writing skills, knowledge on essential issues like dental health care, health and cognitive challenges of the elderly and gender equality. With volunteers help, children are able to learn how to make their own books, read and discuss chapters in a storybook, learn to play board games like scrabbles, all improving literacy eventually.


We provide micro-financing to enable unemployed mothers to start small businesses to help improve the livelihood of their families. We provide microfinance to peasant farmers to improve farming, thus the livelihood of their families. We provide free training on basic records keeping, accounting, profit and loss, sales, customer service, and identifying business opportunities. With the help of volunteers, we are able to do these and manage the use of the funds we provide the beneficiaries to make sure they put them to good use.


In communities with bad roads that do not have a doctor near an hour radius, volunteer doctors, volunteer nurses and other healthcare volunteer workers and students work with us to offer healthcare services like dental care, eye care, check the heart condition, blood sugar, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, septic wound, skin infections, Malaria, malnutrition and women’s health. We provide spot testing, treatment or referral to hospital supporting their travel cost. We provide testing and treatment of STDs for street sex workers and information on handling/reporting abuse.

Orphans and Needy children

Due to the widespread exploitation in orphanage institutions for monetary gains, poor parents lured to give off their children and passed off as orphans, poor care and the ‘indirect sale’ of children for adoption, we have stopped providing any kind of support for orphanages. We are identifying orphans and families fostering orphans and providing the care and support for the orphans and the families. Volunteers are very helpful in making this project a success. Beyond the support to children in schools, we are reaching out into the communities to serve children who are out of school and mothers. Volunteers help us to run these programs.

Volunteer abroad Africa medical, orphanage, healthcare, community volunteer opportunities. Our volunteering in Africa opportunities & team trips cover free healthcare, education & recreation for children & people in poor villages

Volunteer abroad Africa medical, orphanage, healthcare, community volunteer opportunities. Our volunteering in Africa opportunities & team trips cover free healthcare, education & recreation for children & people in poor villages

Volunteers get skillful engagements, broadened perspectives, improved problem-solving skills, adaptive skills, cultural immersion and fun time volunteering in Africa with us.

Adventure activities are included covering wildlife safari, local drumming and dance, and visits to interesting places and events. Explore our volunteer opportunities and apply to volunteer in Africa with us. If through your adventures you have chanced on a community that our programs can transform, recommend to us, we will follow up to evaluate and extend service to the community if needed and we are capable.