Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

About Us

Sometimes with so little as the equivalent of a movie ticket, the lives of struggling and hungry families are changed. With something that little, a widow can start a business that enables her to feed the children and herself. With so little, you save a child from starving and going to bed or school hungry and sick. Our collective little efforts come together to create such an amazing impact. An experience soul-fulfilling and worthy to be a part of. One gets such a satisfaction to know such little steps meaningfully change the lives of many children, families, and communities. This is the spirit behind what we do. The people we target are not among those who will hear what we do if we advertise on tv, in newspapers or on the internet. They live in poor communities, many in thatched-mud houses. A radio or TV set is a luxury, and for many, there is no electricity to power them if they ever had. Making an announcement on radio, TV or internet is makes a beautiful media coverage and camera lenses will get long lines of people coming for that support. But though they may be needy, they are not the worst, and our work over the years is to reach the neediest, not about the lenses of cameras. We spend and sacrifice more to reach places where we can make a bigger better impact on the lives of people, creating a space for children in such communities to have a shot at getting out of the vicious poverty cycle they live in.