Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

Agriculture volunteer work

This program is for volunteers interested in living among rural folks, being a part of their day to day activities and helping us pursue a change for these communities through agriculture. Your job will be to supervise tools and resources we make available to farmers on our programs, monitor impact and progress using questionnaire forms, register interested people seeking assistance to go into farming or petty trading in the village, identify the level of assistance they need, refer this information to our central office, receive funds or resources approved for these people and manage it to make sure they are put to their right use. You will be present at various stages of the processes, including land preparation, harvesting and lobbying companies in need of fresh produce for markets for the produce of the farmers. As a volunteer, you will be the liaison between the farmers and our office, manage the farm tools we provide a village, obtain the seeds for the farmers, verify assistants requested. Your job will include taking relevant field data to guide us in improving success. At the local school, you will work with select students to plant fruit trees in the school that will provide shade for the kids to play under and fruits for them as well. You will also work in the local basic school handling some of our school programs for children. Volunteers are required to stay for six weeks or more on this project. Individuals and small groups are welcome to apply to volunteer with us on this program