Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.


Financing, education and resources support for land preparation, seedlings, pest management, post-harvest including the market for produce are programs we are providing to adults in rural communities to go into farming with the objectives of contributing to their ability to feed their own families and improve their economic circumstances. With a concentration on vegetables, grains, and tubers, we are also planting fruit trees in schools to provide shades for school children to play under, and fruits for them to eat. Under the leadership of Agricultural research scholars, we deploy education, and implementation of modern agricultural tools, seedlings, and method that are scientifically and legislatively approved to increase yield, maintain food wholesomeness, be of better resistance to destructive pests, improve storage and increase economic gains made by farmers. We lobby for legislative approval of modern methods that will improve the living conditions of farmers, their families, and the local ecology.