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application process

Are you Ready to commence registration with us? Then you need to first get an application form from your local campus representative or by contacting us. To encourage campus contact, we levy a fee of 10% on the application form if you decide to pick an application form from us, except students from campuses we do not have representatives. The application form has the following in the pack:

Your application is in two parts, the application pack shall contain all the documents and instructions you need, including a CD ROM. You must immediately fill and hand in the form A, which takes roughly 10 minutes to complete.  Within 72 hours your application shall be processed unto our electronic platform which enables all our working partners to view your data and for them and our various departments to contact you to arrange telephone interview sessions, provide more guidance and arrange the personal interview section after you have submitted your Part B of the application.


When your data is processed, you shall received a special identification code, you will need this for communications with our office and to enroll in many of our programs which you shall become entitled to after acquiring an application form. If you have not received any code from us within 72 hours, you must contact us. The code must be from the listed international number that you are required to SMS for call backs.


Your application entitles you to our fundraising platforms, and your application shall entitle you to apply freely within a period of 18 months for any of our outbound programs, including this very program. The application fee is non refundable $25


After passing the interview with our officer, you can then submit your registration and the required deposit. Your job placement, sevis registration, insurance, accommodation arrangements, orientation, flight reservation, DS2019 and pre-departure orientation shall all be processed, arranged and delivered to you within 8 weeks, in series.


If you have any further questions, why not give us a call or contact us online. 

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Posted on October 18th, 2012