Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

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The group community volunteering program bring together people interested in our goals of environmental conservation and development of children in poor places towards creating a future of hope for all children. Together as a team, we go to an orphanage, a slum and poor communities as a team to build recreational structures like slides and swings, teach the children personal hygiene, educate mothers on nutrition, provide mosquito nets to street mothers, provide vitamins to the children, promote English and computer literacy, teach children an educational game, plant trees in schools, town squares and landmark areas toward environmental conservation, garnish teeth of children with fluoride for tooth protection, provide worm treatment medicine for children.

Children being educated on water safety by a volunteer

Children being educated on water safety by a volunteer.

The work:
Care at an orphanage;
(i) Dental education and donation of toothbrushes and toothpaste and other gifts for the orphans and children in the orphanage
(ii) Inspect skin and scalp for infections, accompany observed incidents to healthcare provider’s desk. You will witness the health provider decide what infection it is and treatment thereof.
Literacy through games;
(i) In our working community, in the middle school and in the high school, students will be taught to play the scrabble game, create sentences with words formed on the board, helping them on the way to find meaning to new words and improve their pronunciations.
(ii) We will hold a dialogue with them to promote girl child education, what female equality means and information on dementia to fight abuse of old people suffering from it who are often accused of being witches and mad by their family members supposed to support them
Healthcare for women;
(i) At the market square, we will offer free checkup (pulse rate and blood pressure) for women, especially mothers. We will provide health information as we render these checks
(ii) We will hold a dialogue with them during these sessions to promote girl child education, what female equality means and information on dementia to fight abuse of old people suffering from it who are often accused of being witches and mad by their family members supposed to support them
Environmental Conservation;
Planting of trees in schools to support environmental conservation, provide shade for students to play under and bear fruits for students to eat.

Volunteers visiting a historic monument, a castle with ties to the trans-Atlantic slave trade period

Other activities for our volunteers:
Included in our program itinerary for all group volunteering programs are activities to provide cultural immersion experience, wildlife safari, and visit places and events of interest. Shopping areas to shop for souvenirs, beach drumming, and dancing, a durbar by the local chief and people, visit to historic monuments and country’s landmark. So it is not only work but fun and adventure included. Help us give children a better life. Along doing this great goodness, you get to learn a thing or two from a different perspective of life and have fun discovering new culture and places.
Accommodation and Meals: For our group volunteering programs, volunteers are accommodated in a hotel. The communities we serve are very poor and there are no hotels so we stay in a hotel in a nearby area

Some members of our group-volunteer programs having their meal

and travel to these villages every day. Travel distance from our hotel to work destinations usually is between 30 minutes and 90 minutes. Rooms are shared between two people. You can request to have a room to yourself if you are not comfortable sharing.
Dates: Our group community volunteer work happen at specific dates. We announce dates on our Facebook page. We have limited openings and they usually fill up quickly so we encourage you to like our Facebook page so you can receive notice when dates are announced. You can also subscribe to our text alert and you will receive notification when dates are announced. Alternatively, you can send in your application and we will email you with upcoming open dates. To apply to do a group community volunteer work, please click here.
Expenses and Funding: The expenses to come up for your trip include your air-fare, yellow fever, malaria and hepatitis immunizations, travel gear, visa fees, meals expenses, hotel accommodation, tour bus for all our travels, and entrance fees to places of interest. We have programs helping our volunteers to raise money to cover some of these expenses. If you start early, you can raise enough to cover all expenses. Part of these expenses make what we classify as the program fees that we require of each volunteer. Please visit this page for information on the fundraising and the program fees.