Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

Volunteer’s cost and funding

There are expenses that should be covered on a volunteer. The main ones during the time of volunteering are meals and accommodation. Other expenses are visits to places of interest, transportation to work and back to home. Upon arrival and prior to departure, volunteers may spend nights at the airport city. Sometimes bags are left behind, flights are canceled, and to avoid missing your flight, it’s better to spend the night in the airport city. That is another cost that comes up. Pre-arranging services for volunteer and providing support during the time in the country bring additional cost. Flights to and from home country, immunizations required before you travel to Africa to volunteer with us, visa acquisition, picking up essentials for your stay in Africa are the biggest part of the cost to volunteer with us.
We support volunteers to do fundraising to cover as much cost as possible. Our support includes the provision of effective fundraising methods, requiring less of your time with the process, providing diverse incentives for friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances to support your cause in ways that help offset the expenses ahead. We have MOU with some ticketing agents to offer cheaper and hedged price for volunteers on some routes. If you can make your decision earlier ahead of time, we get a good chance to raise more funds and get much cheaper airfare too. We can pre-finance and pre-arranged all necessities a volunteer will need like accommodation, meals, airport pickup, visit places of interest, etc. Part of our objectives is that we get you to come to serve with us for a longer period and possibly with zero expenditure coming out of your pocket. Start the process early, start it today by emailing us to start the discussion.