Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

Dental hygiene

One of our strategies is to improve knowledge of basic hygiene practices that saves a trip down to the hospital. By so doing, we are eliminating the challenge that comes because of limited access to healthcare and inability to afford healthcare. And we also get to increase the time children can spend in school because they are healthy.
Under the above objectives, we developed the oral hygiene education program. We provide toothbrushes to children in schools and teach them basic science about the mouth, why oral health is important and proper ways of maintaining good oral health, particularly brushing teeth, and why they need to brush their teeth at least twice a day, one being before bedtime.
As a volunteer, you use charts, demo teeth to educate the children on this. You go through one-on-one supervision to make sure the children have picked your directives. Through public community events, we provide the same training and education to parents, so they can better supervise their children as well as improve their own oral health care. There is no one-on-one supervision with the parents on the oral care education. As a volunteer, you can help us to develop new contents and improve on existing contents being used for this program. There are other programs that go along with this program. If you are a volunteer working with us on this program, you will be asked to help with the other programs complementing this program among them being the reading and literacy program.