Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

Elderly care

The culture of the societies we serve in is such that the elderly receive a good support and respect from their family, partly because of the housing and living arrangements of families. Many families share the same large house with each having a unit with their family. However, in poor homes, people tend to attribute their troubles and poverty to the work of demons and spiritual entities. In such a household, they usually put blame on the elderly who shows signs of cognitive decline or a person with a cognitive disability. And when someone stands blamed for the woes of the household, they are then neglected and rejected, and it is at such time that they need the care and support most. To try and address this problem, we have included education of elderly cognitive challenges like dementia into our education programs during school or healthcare outreach programs. Staying clear from the direct or indirect attack on religious beliefs or cultural pride, we provide education on the challenges that are common with the elderly that the communities are not in the know because of the limited access to modern health care and information. We include this information in our literacy programs.
As a volunteer:
i) you can spend the time to help us educate children in schools, who live in the households with their grandparents and great-grandparents.
ii) share information with other organized groups in open community forums we organize.
ii) you can spend the time to also help us identify other vital areas, develop and improve contents used in educating various groups.