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Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

Feminine hygiene

Feminine hygiene Managing menstruation is a big challenge for women and girls in poor communities who are unable to afford sanitary pads. How they manage the blood flow during their menses isolates them from their normal activities. This means girls are unable to go to school during this period of the month, women confine themselves to privacy during this period of every month, and men look at them in a devalued way. This is where we are coming in, to make sure girls stay in school and women go about their usual activities daily regardless of the day of the month, feel confident and change the view men have of them during such period each month. We are making and distributing reusable feminine hygiene pads to the most vulnerable among this group. We are providing further education on the female reproductive system to explain the science behind this to both the women and men, so they will appreciate and understand there is nothing there to be ashamed of. With volunteers, we can produce more of pads and reach out to more people to provide the education on the female reproductive system.