Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

Global health care volunteer work

Volunteers providing free healthcare to poor communities
Global health interest and practice have spiked with recent incidents like Zika, Ebola, etc. There is a serious and current interest in global health as a means of making sure diseases are fought at every corner of the world they emerge at as a means to stop epidemics, deepen research to gain more knowledge of diseases fast enough, making sure diseases emerging from one part of the world do not reach other parts, or if they do, that they are quickly identified and controlled.
This is a volunteering and internship opportunity for prospective and current students, and recent graduates of healthcare programs like medicine, nursing, pharmacy, pre-med, public health, etc. to come and work with us in a local hospital or clinic helping local health professionals and acquiring additional knowledge in the process. The challenges of working with limited resources, the kind of diseases you get to experience, and the direct hands-on experience you get as you help, are all things that expand your knowledge, make you a better healthcare professional and give you a competitive advantage in pursuit of career growth or student funding. The level of your engagement depends on your acquired skills before the start of placement and how fast you can learn from the doctor or nurses you shadow. Working side by side the local staff, you get to share your experience of best practices with them to improve the culture and methods of care in deprived areas where the healthcare staff do not have the opportunity to refresh training or skills often. So, with your involvement, there sure will be an increase in the number of patients who can receive care daily, there will be cross sharing of experiences, skills, and training, and there will be an improvement in the quality and methods of health delivery.
A volunteer typically works from 8am to 3pm at the hospital or clinic. If the volunteer is a qualified doctor or nurse, they may be assigned to afternoon shifts sometimes and may be on night call if there is a need. Prospective students of health programs are usually high school seniors or young adults contemplating a switch of career into nursing, etc. Prospective students who volunteer with us usually work at the desk where patients’ vitals are taken before they see a doctor, and at the admission ward, particularly, the children and maternity wards, monitoring patients’ responses to treatment and serving patients medications when it is time. They also provide comfort care to relatives of sick patients. Through these roles, prospective healthcare students gain the experience they need to decide if it is the right career for them and the passion and skills to drive them ahead in their pursuit.