Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.


Volunteers providing free healthcare to poor communities
Many countries in Africa we work in, like Ghana have been blessed with a growing number of well-trained doctors and nurses. However, infrastructural challenges have caused things to remain the same for poor rural communities and needier people. Our healthcare program aims at serving these people. We set up makeshift clinics in deprived areas so people with difficulty accessing a health facility can come for basic healthcare services like dental care, eye care, sexually transmitted diseases, coughing, allergies, skin infections, malaria, malnutrition, women’s health, and other communicable and infectious diseases. We do field testing and provide medication for most ailments like malaria, sexually transmitted diseases, chest infections, etc. But we refer for clinical testing those who may test positive for HIV/AIDS and hospital care for those who may be diabetic or hypertensive. We pay for health insurance for those who do not have health insurance but need long-term care/treatment. And depending on the distance to hospital, we provide some with transportation to the hospital.
We also provide opportunities for aspiring or current students of healthcare programs or recent graduates to intern in local hospitals and clinics. So, you can join us in our mobile healthcare outreach or come intern in a local hospital or clinic if you are a current or aspiring student or recent graduate of a healthcare program who wants to help and gain valuable experience. Join us as a volunteer in Africa.