Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

Why should I get involved in a place far away from my country?

Because of the easy and fast global movement of problems including diseases, and refugees due to high rates of poverty and violence. We believe that the best form of defense for your family and future family is to extend the defense line. To go to those places that are breaking apart because of the enormity of the challenges, create solutions there so diseases can be stopped there, prosperity can grow there and problems do not come from there to your doorsteps but the good fruits of seeds we plant with our acts of kindness and sacrifices.
Because in such places, a dollar can change a life but in your home-country, a dollar cannot, so the little you can offer will go a long way in changing many lives over here. Because people are genuinely grateful and appreciative of your kindness and help over here. So come and join us make a difference.

Posted on September 18th, 2018