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In today’s volunteer in Africa blog | The packing list

Volunteering in Africa is a thrilling experience and if you are to ask anyone who has volunteered in Africa before, the former volunteer will be quick to tell you they will not hesitate to pick up another volunteer work in Africa. There are many issues that may attempt to affect the beauty of your volunteer in Africa experience.  And today I am taking the opportunity to discuss one of them with you. That is what to pack for your trip to Africa.

I am taking the time to discuss what to pack for your volunteer in Africa trip because it can make a lot of difference, bringing you some comfort, trying to bridge the gap between your current world and the comfort you are used to, and this can make your volunteering in Africa experience more exciting with any volunteer work in Africa you may choose.  This can help you to fit well into the culture, the climate and the thrill of your new community.

First let me talk about water for showering when volunteering in Africa with our charity doing any of our volunteer work in Africa. In some host homes, depending on the volunteer work in Africa location, you will always have frequent water flowing through the taps. But even in these homes, you do not get hot water flowing through the taps. To use hot water for a bath, you must heat some water in a bucket and mix it with the regular cold water and scoop it over yourself. The water in Africa is usually room temperature cold. Most likely you will not always or even ever have water flowing through the shower; you will always have good water to bath. Sometimes the pressure is low, it cannot flow through the shower, sometimes, there is no connection, and you need to fetch it from a single pipe location made available for the whole family and in some locations, for the whole communityJ. It sounds troubling but it turns into an excitement doing all that.  And awakens you to a lot of privileges you have that you might have taken for granted.

Good to mention that most likely, regardless of your color, you will have a much more attractive complexion to cause people to admire and likely stair a bit, so having your shorts at knee level if you decide to walk around might save you from more eyes.  But do not forget that it is usually hot, never too cold but could get cold you might need your sweater. Pack with the idea of spring and summer in mind. Do not forget your sunglasses, and because you will do laundry with the hand, pack cloths that are not difficult to wash, a few white cloths because it is generally very dusty and the dirt roads are red dirt so not too kind to white cloths. Snickers will save you from stomping into a rock and cutting your toe and make walking down rough roads less tedious. Flip flop will save you during very hot days.  And please pack your own towels, sponges and include a mosquito net.

The windows on the homes are not sound proof; most of them are louvre blades.  In most homes, the window openings are protected with strong metals called burglar proof metals. There is no enforcement on noise making, and the neighbor next door can decide to blast his music at ‘night-club’ levels if he cannot sleep or if he wakes up early like 4am. The house on the street may be holding a vigil for a departed one and the vigil is full of drumming, music, etc. So come prepared with something to cover your ears on the days that things turn this way. And hey, it can be the goats streaming down the street who will bleat to wake you up or the hen crowing. Once again this may sound worrying but it will soon become kind of fun, however if you have some ear covers, a good way to go.

Ok so today for your volunteering in Africa experience, this is what I will share with you, I will in the course of time share more of the what to pack tips with you, remember all that information is found in our booklet sent out to a volunteer after you reserve your spot to volunteer in Africa with our charity. I encourage you to send in your questions today, look through our volunteer work in Africa opportunities and send in an application today, join us make a difference whilst building great memories volunteering in Africa.

Posted on May 9th, 2014