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Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

In today’s volunteer in Africa blog – Under the very very old fan

Volunteering in Africa for you might start with sending an email after you have spotted a program you think you will like to join. But for me and my team, before you decide to volunteer in Africa or volunteer abroad, we are working hard and thinking of how we can get you to join our volunteer programs whiles making sure our heroic volunteers in Africa currently are being well cared for and enjoying the volunteer opportunities we provided them. Come to talk of Fridays, the usual Friday meetings, wish it had cupcakes and hot chocolate served alongside, but no, lots of papers moving around under the 18th century ceiling fan high above the table that looks more like a dining table for the cast of 19 kids and counting, chewing of pen heads and flipping pencils through fingers whilst you debate over resources, programs, reviews, internal stuff and plans going forward. Surely at your end, you might be thinking of doing it or not. Probably about to send your first email or send in an application to volunteer in Africa with us, we worked hard to reach you, we worked hard to provide a safe and effective stage for you to volunteer your skills and learn as well discover cultures and places. We work hard to make sure your host family is up to date and understands what your needs shall be, though they cannot provide you the comfort you are used to at home, they can be the ambassadors of the culture and hospitality of the local people and can make you happy with what they offer you. From how to reach you, provide you the important information, which of the many projects to place a volunteer, where a volunteer is placed that we know can be the best balance, meet you at the airport, meals, host family, support and services to provide, which communities are in need and have the balance to offer in terms of cultural immersion, friendliness, safety and ease of evacuation in case there is a need to do so, all are decided in the meetings under this very old fan.  Ok so back to the usual Friday meetings, it is not the same as the daily meetings of the placements office to decide on applications of those wanting to volunteer in Africa with us, it is a meeting chaired by the board chairman of the charity, attended by the finance head, the administration head, the projects head, the tech and recruitment head, up to three founding members of the charity, usually only one person attending, and the logistics head, each attends with one staff and the secretary is in charge of making sure the meeting follows items entered into the minutes. Otherwise we all have got a lot to ask for or say. Yet sometimes we could go on for six hours. Ooo sometimes I am happy to know it shall be going for six hours because then I know am in for a free lunch,  however the longer it lasts, the very late your other duties are going to keep you staying at the projects office when I am able to get back in time. Here we are a medium team of committed, intellectually resourced, passionate and self-inspired people who take the work of trying to make the lives of those disadvantaged better, why? Because they are our family, friends and communities, these are the places we once were, these are the places we grew up from, most of our mates are still down there in very deprived conditions, we count ourselves fortunate and lucky to be in a position to be self-sufficient and to be able to give back, we do it with all our energy and it shows in us when you meet us and work with us each day. I invite you to come along and work with us. Our doors are open for you to search for our volunteer opportunities, volunteer in Africa and help us make a difference each day. 


Posted on May 3rd, 2014