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Join our May-June 2016 international volunteer group work in Ghana, Africa

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 @ 4:23 AM
Join our May-June 2016 international volunteer group work in Ghana, Africa

Join our May-June 2016 international volunteer group work in Ghana, Africa

Join our May-27 – June-10 international volunteer group work in Ghana, Africa. Healthcare team admission is closed. Community team admission ends March 25th: Working with mothers, children and orphans. Volunteers shall build a playground for the children, encourage them to read by introducing them to a storybook (the agony of a woman – written by Akosua Gyamfuaa Fofie), scrabble board game & a tablet all of which we shall leave stock behind. It is not only work & work for our volunteers. Included are safari to spot elephants, etc, cultural immersion, dancing, drumming and visit to interesting places.
Must arrive by May 26 or 27. We end on June 10, can depart June from June 10-12. We need a few more people to join us to do the community aspect of the program. You can apply if you are graduating high school in May, already gone past high school, in college, working or retired.
If you are a doctor or a dentist, we will be glad to welcome you into the healthcare team. We have closed admission of nurses and students into the healthcare aspect of the program. We reached the maximum number needed. The healthcare team is offering free healthcare, dental care and free medicine at the market square of the villages we will be working at.


Arriving at a wildlife park for a Safari, we had to wait for these elephants to cross the road before we could continue into the motel in the park where we stayed

Arriving at a wildlife park for a Safari, we had to wait for these elephants to cross the road before we could continue into the motel in the park where we stayed

Each volunteer is responsible for their travel expenses, living expenses, safari trip and excursions. We have negotiated group deals to help bring this down. We are organizing and providing all these, ie local transportation, hotel accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, bottled and bagged well treated and purified water, cultural programs, safari, places of interest, travel and health insurance all for €1000EUR | £800GBP | $1250USD | $1500CAD | 1500AUD | You pay nothing to us now, pay when you arrive and joined by the rest of the team.
Your Airfare & pre-trip expenses are not part of this fee. For us to include you into the team, you need to send in an application today by visiting this webpage which is an online application page. After we respond, if we accept, then you must purchase your return trip air ticket and send the confirmation to us. That is all you need to do. Remember arrival must be between May 26-27 and departure must be June 10-12.


We shall visit the Mole national park, you can see colony of elephants, bucks, antelopes, baboons, monkeys, birds and other animals. We shall visit the Cape Coast Castle, a historic monument of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. We shall experience Elmina town, beach, the Accra arts and crafts center, Labadi beach resort and Kumasi wood crafts village. We shall be guest to a durbar of chiefs and people of host village, experience the culture, language, drumming and dancing of the local people.


If you wish to sign up now, use a desktop, laptop or tablet to open this webpage which is an online application page. Choose “group mission community”, choose start date of May 27th 2016. Please kindly note that this is a first come first served basis for limited number. We are closing all applications by March 30th. The trip itinerary, visa application documents and pre-departure information will be sent to you immediately you send us your evidence of purchase of round trip air ticket. Upon arrival, we shall provide you project T-shirts.
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Work, Learn, Fun, Adventure
Medical group work

Summary of Medical Volunteer in Africa mission trip work

Medical volunteers in Africa help us provide healthcare to people in poor places with no health center. Volunteering in Africa medical mission trip help care for babies who were born at home and have never been seen by a healthcare professional. Medical volunteer work in Africa offer hands on experience for medical students, student nurses, and other medical education programs like pre-med, as well.
|| Hospital/Clinic placement

Summary of Medical Volunteer in Africa mission trip work

student nurse volunteer work in Africa for hands on practical learning whiles assisting local nurses and doctors, nurse volunteer in African clinic or hospital in Africa to support the limited staff and help train nurse assistants to improve service. Pre-Med student volunteer in Africa to learn from local health professionals and healthcare delivery in Africa. Medical student volunteer in Africa for indepth practical hands on experience caring for patients and directly learning from doctors. Apply to volunteer in Africa with us today, help us make a difference volunteering in Africa
|| Teach, Play, Build group work

Summary of Community, Children, Orphanage Volunteer in Africa work

volunteer in Africa on this project to offer after school help to children, particularly orphans. Volunteering in Africa will enable you help us run our Africa literacy project. Volunteers in Africa encourage and motivate other families to foster orphans. If you volunteered in Africa with us, then you helped us introduce children to educational games like chess and writing competitions.
|| Community Placement

Summary of Community, Children, Orphanage Volunteer in Africa mission trip

Volunteer in Africa to help us build classroom tables and chairs. Volunteering with us in Africa will enable us get your help in running the Literacy project. Volunteers in Africa help us educate community mothers, girls and school children on subjects relating to their welfare and development like nutrition, sexual assault, dental hygiene, wound care, Water safety etc. The volunteer work in Africa includes engaging children in games and dancing for recreation.
|| Safari
SAFARI AND PLACES OF INTEREST for Volunteers in Africa
Explore new things and places in Africa when you volunteer in Africa, and discover fascinating wildlife, cultures, people and places. That makes your trip to volunteer abroad one of a lifetime. We help a volunteer plan or the volunteers can join our organized safari and places of interest trips. We provide information on the historical sites for volunteers and things to do abroad in Africa. Staff escort the volunteer to places of interest and safari, our support team is there for the volunteers in Africa.
|| New Language
Volunteers learning local language in Africa
Volunteers preparing to come to Africa can request a copy of audio file of popular local words and phrases in Africa. This help a volunteer interact well in Africa with the locals with some few local language phrases or words. A volunteer in Africa can express thanks and greet in the local language. A volunteer abroad in Africa can become a darling to many people if the volunteer can utter some few local syllabus to their dismay. So why don't a volunteer on way to Africa take the chance to learn something before arriving.
|| New Culture

Immersion of Volunteers into African Culture

If you volunteer abroad in Africa with us, expect to be immersed in the culture of the people. It is part of the program to volunteer in Africa. In Africa, volunteers will attend social events like traditional weddings, birthday parties, with the host family or as a team on a volunteer in Africa mission trip. We organize activities like drumming and dancing, language lessons for volunteers to further improve the volunteers work in Africa. We choose communities which are notably hospitable and rich in culture for our Africa volunteer work opportunities. Come volunteer in Africa with us and have cultural immersion as part of the program.
|| Pre-Trip

Pre departure documentation to prepare to volunteer in Africa

Inclusive in each volunteer abroad in Africa pre-departure pack are; Country overview, How to make the most of the volunteer in Africa placement, Required vaccinations for the volunteer to travel abroad, Packing list for the volunteers trip to Africa, Staying in touch with family and friends whilst volunteering in Africa, Food and drinks in Africa, transportation for volunteers in Africa, Climate, Safety measures, Money and Budgeting for volunteers' trip, Applying for visa to volunteer in Africa, Planning a Safari and places to visit while volunteering in Africa, useful websites and information resources in Africa for a volunteer. Commonly used local language phrases and their meanings and more.
|| Accommodation

Accommodation for Volunteers in Africa

We provide two types of accommodation. An African host family for volunteers, and a hotel accommodation for group volunteering in Africa. If you volunteer in Africa with us, your host families are open to learn and share cultures and perspectives.
In some homes and hotels for volunteers coming to Africa, there are internet services. You will have your own room or share with another volunteer in Africa. a room for a volunteer in Africa is furnished. A room may rooms have television, fan, air-condition, own bath and/or toilet. All hotels for group volunteers have own bath, fan or aircondtion, shower and sometimes hot water.
|| Meals

Meals for volunteers in Africa

A volunteer is served with breakfeast, lunch and dinner. However depending on the time and distance between your work place and home, a volunteer working in Africa might have to eat snack for lunch on most working days. Volunteer in Africa are offered both local and continental foods. Volunteer in Africa and have the best of organic foods, fruits and vegetables. Volunteering in Africa, you will have rice, corn, chicken, beans, beef, bread, eggs, tea, coffee, truly fresh and organic fruits regularly as part of your meals.
|| Insurance

Travel and Health Insurance for our volunteers in Africa

Insurance for volunteers during time volunteering in Africa is inclusive in fees paid. $50,000 medical maximum @ $100 deductible. In addition to the medical benefits, the plan also provides the following additional features: * $300,000 for Emergency Medical Evacuation! * $10,000 for Emergency Reunion! (brings your family to your bedside in the event of a medical emergency evacuation) * $5,000 Trip cancellation benefit * $250 Lost checked luggage benefit * $25,000.00 of Accidental Death * Terrorism Coverage (see brochure for details) and more. Freedom of mind to volunteer in Africa.
|| Visa
Visa for volunteers to come to Africa
Almost all our volunteers are from places or with passports that require visas before you can travel to volunteer in Africa. We provide the relevant documents for the volunteer to apply for visa to come volunteer abroad in Africa with us. We are able to arrange for volunteers to pick visa upon arrival but it is a situation we rather avoid as much as possible. The volunteer should therefore apply for the visa and get their visa before traveling to Africa. Normal processing time is two to three weeks so plan ahead of time.
|| Flight

Flight to volunteer in Africa

We help volunteers get the most affordable flight to travel to Africa to volunteer. We connect with some travel companies, get corporate discounts and use leverages to get good deals most times for volunteers. However a volunteer is independent in making his/her flight decisions to travel abroad to volunteer with us in Africa. Make your search, tell us the best deal you got, we will then run our search and inquiries and let you know the results so you can decide. And do not worry about the arrival time, we shall be at the airport to meet you and pick you up.
|| Calls
Communicating with friends and family while volunteering in Africa
Each volunteer is giving a pay as you go mobile phone service, mobile phones are provided to volunteers in Africa. The phone must be returned in its good shape upon departure. If there is going to be more than one volunteer in a host house, we may choose to provide one mobile phone for the household volunteers or as much as our inventory can provide. Most of our accommodation places for volunteers in Africa have mobile phone coverage. A volunteer could go to Africa with own phone and we shall provide the volunteer the pay as you go sim Card. The phone must be a GSM enabled phone.
|| Reference

Reference letters for volunteers after volunteering in Africa

We provide all who volunteer in Africa with us a citation detailing your work activities, social activities, cultural immersion, endurance, sacrifice, impact, experiences and uniqueness. If you are an American citizen or a permanent resident of the United States, the hours spent volunteering with us qualify for the President's Volunteer Service Awards program, and we will credit you with those hours. The award is a medal, personalized certificate and congratulatory letter from the President of United States. For those who are seeking academic credits, or volunteering as part of an elective program, we complete the neccesary documents as well. We also provide reference letters and testimonials for our volunteers anytime requested and needed to pursue employment, promotion or college application. There is no limit to time or number of requests you can make.
|| why volunteer abroad in Africa?

Wny volunteer in Africa

Wondering why you should volunteer in Africa or find the best volunteer in Africa programs, Our volunteer in Africa opportunities offer free volunteering work in Africa best for you to make an impact and learn. Please click on link to explore more.
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