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it was a good feeling teaching my fellows

ooo! everything was great. it was a good feeling teaching my fellows at the Daniel Vocational training school. The standard of the students is very low so I had to start from the basics. Because the books ELGHANA supplied was not enough to give to each student, I had to create smaller groups and at times had to teach them in groups. I think it is really important that this project is seriously empowered with more volunteers. Definitely the students had such a good feeling and were familiar with some of the stories in the books already, as told them in folktales by their parents. This made teaching and sharing the stories a fun for them. The town was cool. My partner Moses who was teaching introduction to computers, ended up teaching the community in the local presbytarian church block. We had this nice cottage as our host house and we really enjoyed every moment in Boaman. Thank you Elghana

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Posted on June 21st, 2012