Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

Your support during this adventure has been very wonderful

Returned home after volunteering for two weeks in Ghana. I have had an amazing time. Everyone has been so very helpful and welcoming. We worked at St. Marks Hospital. We were given the chance to see how health care is provided here in Ghana. We worked along side of the nurses treating the patients who were admitted into the hospital. it was a pleasure being apart of working with all of the patients. The workers from Volunteer Elghana have been very helpful. They have ensured our safely and made sure that all of our needs were being taken care of. I am very appreciative of their help making sure that we are safe and have all of our needs met.

My activities ad work experience s have ranged from a variety of events. When i arrived at the hospital immediately I was given a tour of the hospital and met the staff. All of the nurses were very friendly. I was given an explanation of hat each room and function o the departments ere in the hospital. Starting work the next day I was assigned to work in the women’s ward. First off in the morning we would wait for the doctor to come through to do his rounds. After the doctor asses each patient in the morning rounds he would write instructions for each patient’s need. After the rounds I would assist the nurses in administering medication. We also started IV’s and infusions. After we administered medication to the patient’s it was important to chart in each patients hospital records. In addition, many woman who came into the women’s ward were those who were in labor. I had the opportunity to assist in woman delivering their babies. This includes after birth care such as washing the infant and cleaning up the mother. Many times there would be new admitted patients throughout the day and we would have to attend to each patient according to the doctors orders and their meds. I also had the opportunity to watch a few surgery procedures in the theater. The visiting doctor really did a good job including me in patient diagnosis. I was apart of a wide variety of events in the work place.

When we arrived at the hospital we were introduced to Dr. Nawani and Mrs. Nawani. They were very nice. They made sure that we shown around the hospital right away. They also showed us our room They had asked us from the start if there were any foods that we did not take and we let them know. We would go to the house for lunch everyday after work. The family was very nice. We had the opportunity to meet the kids and they were lovely. We spent the most time with the kids when we were at the house. Jedidiah their oldest son really helped to make sure that we were taken care of. He even took us to Cape Coast on our day off. I really appreciate his help while we stayed there. They were not too direct about meal times so I felt a little lost at first about what we were expected to do for meal times. We had brought food for ourselves to eat in the morning and to snack on for dinner because we had a large meal for lunch. I think the mis-communication was the reason for some of the confusion at times. We tried there local dishes with open minds. By the end of the trip we were able to vocalize the meals that we enjoyed and that graciously accommodated to that. The meal that we ate most days was rice with some vegetables and chicken. Mrs. Nawani invited us to come along to the the city’s funeral for the president and that was an excited event for us to be apart of. She also took us to her university in Cape Coast one day. That was nice for us to see what the schools are like in Ghana. Altogether we managed to figure things out and we were happy to spend time with the family.

To Elghana: Your support during this adventure has been very wonderful. Appiah and Ben took great care of us. Appiah allowed for us to stay at his home in Accra and made sure that we had lacked nothing. I appreciated all of the phone calls I received during the stay at Dunkwa because I felt that if I needed anything I knew that I could count on Appiah. I have felt safe and welcomed. Even from the beginning of the process of applying working with Elghana has been a great experience. Everyone responded quickly to emails and gave as much detail as they could about what we should expect. The only suggestion I can think of is to have the Nawani’s give more detail about when they should come for meals and to explain their role as the host family to their volunteers so they know what to expect during their stay. Altogether it was a lovely experience and I would encourage others to participate as well.Thank you for having us come and volunteer here.

Posted on November 18th, 2012