Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

Literacy and education volunteer work

Basic kindergarten rhymes, names of familiar animals, picture books, are used in the classes of kindergarten to the fourth school year. Volunteers use these image books and posters to excite the children into words pronunciations and create two to five words sentences. This program takes place in classrooms and targets first to fourth-grade children.
For the fifth year to tenth year classes, volunteers lead the children in bookmaking, we provide instructional guidelines, volunteers explain to the children to draw or write something to tell the story set as page title on each paper. After the project is complete, their work is put together as a book, and the volunteer selects a few students, one after the other to share their authored story with the rest of the class.
Volunteers will pass around a book we provide, encouraging each child to read a line or paragraph. Volunteers will dramatize the message in the story that provides education on elderly cognitive challenges, oral health care or career options, promotion of gender equality.