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managing crises between host family and a volunteer in Africa

So you sign up to volunteer in Africa, you are enjoying your volunteer work in Africa but then you are having problems with your host whist volunteering in Africa on a project, what happens? For us here, as always mentioned, our work to offer you a great experience volunteering in Africa spans from the day you express and interest to four weeks after you have returned to your home after the volunteer work in Africa is done.

Some of the problems that can occur with your host family whilst volunteering in Africa include difficulty with the choices of meals, compromising on cultural etiquettes versus liberal lifestyle, limitations in independence, privacy, overprotectiveness, misplaced or loss of item, noise, etc. The good news is if you volunteer in Africa with our charity, we are several steps proactive and quick on pre-emptive solutions and actions. Volunteers in Africa with us always have a personal relationship with at least a staff from our office, due to our strategic structure of building such relationships to promote the ability of the volunteers to freely express their worries and concerns to us through the contact support officer without reservations, whilst volunteering in Africa. This helps us to know the problems and professionally provide a resolution quickly while you volunteer in Africa with us. From experience over the years, volunteers volunteering in Africa tend to think that the staff of our charity are closer to the host families, that made them feel expressing their concerns over any difficulties with host family could mean the host family will hear all that and could jeopardize the relationship they have. But the truth is as we try to maintain closer relationship with host families as part of our strategies to get them to serve our volunteers in Africa better, we are much more closer with our volunteers while in Africa because we are the people you trusted and based on that trust, made the bold move to travel to Africa to volunteer with us. You are the core of our program because it is through you that we are able to make a difference in the lives of people in these communities. This is what informed the changes in structures to make sure that from the first day you arrive at the airport, the first face you see, you will see that face several times whilst you remain in Africa working with us. Our support staff age ranges from twenty years to 55 years and we intentionally match a support staff to a volunteer considering the age, and the profile we build based on the information we receive from the volunteer. So you will be welcomed by someone from our staff who closely matches someone you can form closer bonds with, to enable us know when there is something wrong and make changes quicker.

Ok so the question is what do you exactly do when there is a report from a volunteer or when there is a report from a host family?  Simple, we make the problem go away. If it’s about meals, we send our meals trainers to visit under the disguise of routine review and will professionally make the necessary suggestions for changes, if it’s about insubordination or over-protectiveness, we send in the cultural information staff to have kind talk with each party on the various cultures at play and how to meet in the middle, if it’s about hygiene or theft, we send a staff to investigate professionally and if that is the case, it is an automatic extraction of the volunteer from the host family. We work to make sure you have the peace of mind at home, not compromising on the need for you to live under close circumstances the local people do, in relation to the cultural immersion program. This is not an experience and these are not structures that get built overnight. It comes with many years of experience of dedication to remain number one and in the list of the most influential volunteer works to enrich your life. National geographic did not get it wrong with us.

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Posted on June 10th, 2014