Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.


We give microfinance, so farmers can buy better seeds. We give microfinance, so farmers can hire a tractor or additional hands to clear a larger land. We give microfinance, so farmers can opt to take their produce to the market rather than sell to those who come to them to buy and take to the market to sell, offering them lowball prices. We give microfinance, so mothers can start small food businesses on market days. We give microfinance so young women can make soaps and cosmetics from locally available resources and sell to the local community. This is what we are about. And to reach these people, to identify those who are in a much difficult position and most needy for this funding, we must get down into the community, in a planned way that does not give our intentions out until we have identified those we need to.
We need volunteers to help us continue and correctly identify these people, train them and support them to succeed in the work the apply the micro-financing towards. If you are interested in supporting this great cause, you can join us as a volunteer, you will learn and experience more beyond the great satisfaction you gain from this. You can add into this fund by making a donation or a 12-60 month returnable donation (loan). Our microfinancing is zero interest. Some are eventually converted into grants, others are rolled on to new beneficiaries.