Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

Outreach healthcare volunteer work

Volunteers providing free healthcare to poor communities
As part of the United Nations sustainable development goal 3, and part of the global health approach to containing and managing diseases from spreading globally, we organize free outreach healthcare for poor communities with no hospitals to serve them, unable to afford transportation and cost of healthcare. We rely on volunteers to run these outreach clinics. Work to be done ranges from taking vital signs, recording name, age, and weight, chaperoning attendants through the various sections, triaging, diagnosis, lab testing, giving out medication and explaining dosage, and providing appropriate counseling and education. So, if you have a training and skill set to help us achieve any of these tasks, you are welcome to join us, come volunteer in Africa with us on our outreach healthcare programs.
During these outreach programs, overseas health professionals are working side by side with local health professionals, providing the platform to learn from each other. Working with us on this program gives overseas health professionals the opportunity to learn practically about diseases common to the sub-Saharan African region that you seldom encounter but helpful knowing them first hand as an effective means of combating diseases that travel borders.
By volunteering with us, you are saving lives of poor families, keeping parents around for a longer healthier period to work harder and dig their children and community out of poverty with the support of our other programs. A death of a breadwinner or a mother goes a long way to impact the life of a child. Most of the diseases they die of in these places are very treatable so early detection and treatment along with basic health education will change lives significantly in these places. Our presence will save the lives of newborn children, most of who have never been seen by a doctor before. Apply to join our outreach healthcare program. Dates and number of volunteers are preset ahead of time so early application is useful if you wish to get the dates of your choice.