Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

Reading and Literacy

Several research publications have established that a child’s reading ability at grade 3 is the biggest indicator of graduation from college. We believe that especially in communities that we seek to improve their lives, with limited access to electricity and modern devices, improving the children’s ability to access, read and enjoy books and other printed materials is a critical goal, and it is one that remains central in our work to improve the lives of people in deprived and poor communities. We stimulate reading and literacy through authoring books and purchasing books from other authors with familiar stories to the children and bringing the books to them to read, leading bookmaking classes where we provide all the materials for each child to make their own book, providing and introducing the children to scrabble, a board game that encourages the children to learn new words.
We tailor the stories we author to serve other educational and purposes, like creating awareness of cognitive challenges of the elderly, something that makes their families accuse them of being demonic, dental care, wound care, the world beyond the world they know, etc.
As a volunteer, you can spend the time to help us author more books, which requires you to spend time on the ground with us to develop these stories. You can support this program by volunteering to lead bookmaking classes, run reading classes, and teach the children how to play the scrabble game. This program is run in basic schools in communities deprived of teachers and resources. As a volunteer, you can spend the time to help us in authoring books, volunteers help us to develop new contents and improve on existing contents being used for this program