Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

I had an amazing experience during my time in Ghana

I had an amazing experience during my time in Ghana. It really was a life changing trip for me filled with countless encounters with new people who will leave an impression in my mind forever. The people from the Elghana program went above and beyond making myself and the rest of our group comfortable as well as teaching and showing us the traditions and ways of life in Ghana. I am so happy to have been able to help volunteer to assist people with medical attention and to meet all of the wonderful people that I did.

I am also so thankful to have been able to experience the beauty of Ghana’s natural environment and rainforest, landscapes, safaris and more. This trip really cannot be described in words as to how much I’ve taken from it along with all of the memories I will get to cherish for a lifetime. Thank you for your services!

During the volunteer trip we traveled to several villages and overall provided medical attention to over 1200 people. We also donated medical supplies to two hospitals as well as shoes, first aid kits, stuffed animals to children in schools and an orphanage. Some of us were even given an opportunity to watch a live human birth during our stay at a hospital during the first week. During the second week we were able to learn and tour a center for people with disabilities and for women who are single parents. We also had a great privilege of going to a safari, a canopy walk in a rainforest and seeing so much natural beauty.

Amazing. Above and beyond with hospitality and providing food, water, transportation, living arrangements and loving fun. I am very happy to have met such wonderful and kind people and that I had such a comforting presence during my travels from home.

Considering the resources available in Ghana in terms of vehicles for example, I would like to thank Elghana and our group leader Gyamfi and the rest of our “host family” for all of the accommodations that were made to assist us and give us a well rounded experience. I have no complaints… If anything didn’t go as planned I do not think it is something to be improved upon but a lesson of patience and gratitude of the things and materials I am accustomed to living with. Everything was wonderful and I would not change one thing about my thrilling experience!

Posted on June 21st, 2012