Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

Vision, mission, objectives

– Our mission To brainstorm and roll out programs that respond to challenges prohibiting social protection, real access to education, and creation of equal opportunities for both female and male children in prevailing circumstances, to overcome poverty.

– Our vision We aim for a world where every child regardless of where or who they are born to, has protection from abuse and torture, do not go to sleep hungry, and has real access to responsive education and healthcare.

– Our Objectives
1. To promote the exchange of perspectives and cultures as part of inspiring local people and children, bringing global knowledge and solutions to local problems and dispelling myths held by both foreigners and locals about each other.
2. To support and empower poor parents and guardians in poor communities to fight for a better world for the children under their care, better than they have known.
3. To make sure these dedicated and reliable partners live longer, stay in the fight longer, and put up a good fight, we must provide occasional free health screening and required treatment to the poor ones who do not have access to health facilities due to affordability, commute distance to nearest facility, or both.
4. To empower the dedicated and reliable partners to provide food and necessities for the children under their care, send them to school and shepherd them to higher education, we must provide support that will improve the yield from their farms, give them better market for their produce or craft trades and set up those without means in farm or trade ventures.
5. Prior to the parents and guardians becoming solely able, we must respond to the current challenges the children are facing, by running programs to promote welfare, education and equal opportunities for both female and male children.
6. Even if we succeed in transforming only one life, we have succeeded in raising one more person with the passion and zeal we have, to carry on the mission we have set today for the attainment of our vision for tomorrow.