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Are you Ready to commence registration with us? Then you need to first get an application form from your local campus representative or  - Continue reading
Julie Wilkinson

Hello, I am delighted to inform you that our upcoming trip on 11-25th January 2014¬†shall be taking us to villages on the banks of the  - Continue reading
sabina reiss

Volunteering in Ghana was an unforgettable and life changing experience for me. Even though many in Ghana live in poverty, Ghanaians  - Continue reading

NOT INCLUDED: Round trip air ticket home-country of project-home Your home to airport transportation and vice-versa in your home  - Continue reading
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Contribution required differ per country and stay period. Please kindly refer to the table below for details on that. All figures  - Continue reading

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volunteer opportunities in Africa with Sem Fronteiras (Elghana)
Orphaned Children

Children who have lost parents, have been neglected by both parents, freed from child labor activities, or do not have any capable  - Continue reading

volunteer opportunities in Africa with Sem Fronteiras (Elghana)
Medical / Healthcare

Make a difference in the lives of people, help local health professionals save lives, The number of health workers and doctors have  - Continue reading

mission trips
Teach children

In the rural communities of our project countries, educational infrastructures are challenged and the lack of amenities further  - Continue reading

volunteer opportunities in Africa with Sem Fronteiras (Elghana)
Handicapped Children

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