Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.
Ellen Scott
I felt extremely lucky to be able to experience Ghana the way we did

to guide us through all the culture shock we experienced. Gyamfi was kind, patient, and protective of us at all times. He was aware of  - Continue reading
Melody Calley
The children in Ghana were playfully curious

I am so glad I went to Ghana. It was an unparalleled experience in my life. The people there are so warm and inviting! Our crew of  - Continue reading
group mission trip to Africa
Kelly Rons
Your support during this adventure has been very wonderful

When we arrived at the hospital we were introduced to Dr. Nawani and Mrs. Nawani. They were very nice. They made sure that we shown  - Continue reading
Chelsea Bolish
All the staff were very friendly

Leading up to the trip we were able to get all our questions answered. The problem was we didn't know which questions to ask. We met  - Continue reading
David Russell
Everyone was curious about me and eager to make me feel at home.

Everyone was curious about me and eager to make me feel at home. (They chose an American action movie to watch the first night, a fine  - Continue reading
Victoria Joy Warren
Volunteering in Ghana was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had!

The people are so friendly and have the biggest smiles. While I was shaken by some of the things I saw, it was impossible not to feel  - Continue reading
Lauri Rupracht
desiring to go to Africa do not think twice – just do it

I am an RN and happened to be in Ghana during one of their 3 day mass polio vaccination campaigns. I was able to travel to many of the  - Continue reading
Lena Walther from Germany is a 2008 volunteer in Africa with Sem fronteiras (aka Elghana)
Lena Walther
Everything was great, the Antwi family, Elghana, the food and the community.

I had such a nice time with the HIV/AIDS counselling and the Orphans monitoring. The Doctors at St. Patrick's went round observing the  - Continue reading
Megan Behl
The people are amazing!! They are the most genuine.

Make the most of it!! Learn some Twi, talk to and meet Ghanaians-they are so friendly and welcoming!! Don't stay in your comfort  - Continue reading
Nick Paterson
Elghana did an incredible job.. everything was soundly organized

Elghana did an incredible job of making sure everything was soundly organized throughout our stay. They constantly check up on us and  - Continue reading
Sam Bullick
Amazing country, friendly people

Elghana did a great job of setting everything we needed up including our transportation from the airport, and transported us to our  - Continue reading
Maya Bauman
Elghana was very supportive during my stay

Elghana was very supportive during my stay. My host mother was very caring and protective, which made my mom in the US feel reassured.  - Continue reading
Christine Urena Volunteering in Ghana
Christine Urena
An amazing experience and I would not change a thing.

We were able to visit different villages and provide first aid, dental hygiene education, diagnostics, breast cancer screenings, vital  - Continue reading
Jillian Tucci volunteer abroad in Africa with Elghana
Jillian Tucci
Hands down it was the best experience of my life!

While I was in Africa we served medical care to 1300 people in 2 weeks, traveling from village to village. The experience of seeing  - Continue reading
Richard Hempel
It was an experience like no other I have ever had

Our group worked in a number of remote villages surrounding Dunkwa and at a rehabilitation center in Offinso. When we first arrived and  - Continue reading
Kimberly Vuocolo
Kimberly Vuocolo
we provided care to the villages, an amazing experience I’ll never forget

I would definitely travel with Elghana again, I learned so much about the people and the way they live. I was lucky to be able to  - Continue reading
Sarah Steele Volunteering with elghana in Africa
Sarah L Steele
I had an amazing experience during my time in Ghana

I am also so thankful to have been able to experience the beauty of Ghana's natural environment and rainforest, landscapes, safaris and  - Continue reading
Lena Gallan
In three months my life has changed completely

When I came to Ghana I did not know what to expect. I had no experience in social work. As a whole, the money we support with is only a  - Continue reading
Joy Dariye
it was a good feeling teaching my fellows

Because the books ELGHANA supplied was not enough to give to each student, I had to create smaller groups and at times had to teach  - Continue reading
Jill Caporiccio
My experiences in Ghana have given me a new perspective

I miss the everyday life of going to the market, sharing taxis or overcrowded tro tros with many smiling faces, hearing music, meeting  - Continue reading
Errin Cannaday
We really loved getting to know the people in Ghana

Our experience in Ghana was incredible. The country was beautiful, and different than most places I had traveled before. Overall,  - Continue reading
John Kim
I assisted in several births, one of them being a set of twins!

Being my first time in Africa, the team over at Elghana helped make my stay and experience a memorable one. I was assigned to work at  - Continue reading
Devan Patel
It was also extremely rewarding being alongside patients

the clinic staff made me feel at ease and went out of their way to shed light upon particular treatments and procedures. It was also  - Continue reading
Berdo Robinson
A teacher would march their class 30-50 in size to the cafe

I was supposed to teach about using the Internet but the school had no Internet connection! With Elghana's funding we arranged for each  - Continue reading
Jillian Philips
The spirit of the health workers undeterred by the problems they face.

learnt how to palpate and measure the fundal height of pregnant women, learned how to start an IV, observed vaginal deliveries, IUD  - Continue reading
Tabitha Williams
As a second year medical student, this was so good for me

I worked at the hospital for three weeks shadowing the medical doctor. As a second year medical student, this was so good for me to  - Continue reading
David Russell
teaching made me learn a lot

Elghana took care of me nicely, visiting Cape Coast/Elmina and the north were great supplements to my Kumasi base. It was wonderful and  - Continue reading
Daniel Dickerson
The people are much more friendly and welcoming than I expected

The gracious nature of the people here appears to be the result of or at least enhanced by the active participation by most people in  - Continue reading
Krystina Bottom (Stolberg)
The sounds, smells and sincerity of the people

I spent my days at the clinic helping to circumcise babies, deliver babies and take blood pressures and even check  - Continue reading
Jennifer Coverdale (Lynn)
Welcome feeling that allows for a positive learning environment

There are no closed doors in the clinic; I am free to see anything and everything I like. This has given me a very welcome feeling that  - Continue reading