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Volunteers make a difference in Africa – why we are proud of them

My hope is that for those of us in Africa, to each and every one of us, we can keep encouraging volunteers to keep coming to Africa.  - Continue reading
Mission trips to Africa

Our Mission trips to Africa bring volunteers together for a cause of improving the lives of poor communities by free healthcare,  - Continue reading
Nurses Volunteer in Africa. Honoring our nurses. Nurses Rock!!

Passionate with strong faith, Raisa Zhovklaya shined her light on the poor in rural communities as a volunteer in Africa with us on our  - Continue reading
Join our May-June 2016 international volunteer group work in Ghana, Africa

Mission trip: Care, medication, HIV/AIDS test for 1000. Build 1000 writing boards, 300 classroom desks & enroll 2000 more children into  - Continue reading
The dilemma about the orphans in orphanages in Africa

Among all the needy groups our activities and volunteer in Africa work, orphans are the most vulnerable, orphans from poor communities.  - Continue reading
Benefits to you to volunteer abroad in Africa

Seek to grow new dimensions, look to serve those in need. Volunteer abroad in Africa, benefits are not for the needy only but our  - Continue reading
Africa Literacy project – Volunteers bridge education gap for poor children in Africa

Our most critical need is for volunteers willing to spend some time to spice the children's interest to read books provided by the  - Continue reading
Why volunteer abroad in Africa when you can volunteer at home

Rightfully asked why volunteer abroad in Africa when you can do so at home? This article tells why our projects are worth it for you  - Continue reading
Volunteer opportunities in Africa search can be difficult

search volunteer opportunities in Africa is a challenge. Volunteering in Africa reward, words can't describe. volunteers who volunteer  - Continue reading
managing crises between host family and a volunteer in Africa

So you sign up to volunteer in Africa, you are enjoying your volunteer work in Africa but then you are having problems with your host  - Continue reading
In today’s volunteer in Africa blog – why we focus on poor families in poor communities

The major reason we focus on poor families is to increase their abilities to provide support and guidance to children living under  - Continue reading
In today’s volunteer in Africa blog – Why we target women particularly mothers

Volunteer in Africa opportunities provided by our charity target mainly children and women in Africa. Our volunteer work in Africa is  - Continue reading
In today’s volunteer in Africa blog | The packing list

Volunteering in Africa is a thrilling experience and if you are to ask anyone who has volunteered in Africa before, the former  - Continue reading
In today’s volunteering in Africa blog | The orphanage dilemma

Volunteering in Africa has orphanage volunteer work in Africa as one of the popular volunteer in Africa programs for volunteers.  - Continue reading
In today’s volunteer in Africa blog – Under the very very old fan

Volunteering in Africa for you might start with sending an email after you have spotted a program you think you will like to join. But  - Continue reading
Volunteer in Africa blog of the day – “My major concern is flying alone to Africa”

Ok so today as usual, a lot of questions to answer from prospective volunteers. As the summer draws near and many students are looking  - Continue reading