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Volunteer in Africa blog of the day – “My major concern is flying alone to Africa”

Ok so today as usual, a lot of questions to answer from prospective volunteers. As the summer draws near and many students are looking into an opportunity to travel for an adventure that gives them an opportunity to make a difference, many inquiries are being made with many questions. One person who wants to volunteer in Africa sent a message that read “My major concern is flying alone to Africa”. This is after this brave student who desires to volunteer in Africa with us has been assigned a placement where she shall be with another American at the post. Infact the buddy volunteer will be arriving ahead of her and shall be with her throughout her stay, so her only problem was the flight from JFK to ACC. These are some of the challenges you may face when you are thinking of making the bold step of volunteering in Africa with us. Some fears that have never gripped you before suddenly will arise, and with it, a lot of questions. That is why we encourage you to ask any question that may come to your mind without hesitation. This way we are able to contribute towards your decision making and prepare you well ahead of time to be able to make a difference with the volunteer opportunity we offer you. The true fact is that there shall be a lot of differences between what you are used to and what you shall be faced with. Finding yourself suddenly among masses of colored people can even be a challenge, not because you are a racist or have a phobia for the colored race, but because you are not used to it. Can you imagine almost all cars honking every minute? All the streets and the toll both locations making brisk market, buying an item you do not know the price but have to bargain. Waking up to the sound goats bleating behind your window, strangers greeting you as they pass by you, being known by all but you knowing very few? But beyond these and many other cultural differences are the great hospitality of the people, everyone willing to help you always, chatting with you, asking you about yourself, volunteering to accompany you to the corner shop, sharing a taxi with you, etc.  The beauty of Africa is seen much closely when you volunteer because you live in the community with the people and you see their daily lives, how it is like, they tend to feel comfortable with you quicker and open up their real daily lives to you, your experience surely shall not be measured by anything. You will always have Africa in mind and will want to return many times. If a volunteer wishes to work in a group program, join us this summer as a healthcare volunteer or medical volunteer in Africa, work with children or volunteer in an orphanage activities and experiences are superb, including cultural welcome ceremony and visit to so many places, with the opportunity to share this experience with someone who is new to it as well. And do not forget, you have the best friends in the staff here in our local office to welcome you at the airport with a smile, and stay in contact with you daily for the rest of your days, answering your questions and making sure your experience volunteering in Africa is surely one of the lifetime moments you will never forget. So today what I say is go ahead and send your questions through. Look up for volunteer programs in Africa from our webpages either for a group volunteering, joining a group to volunteer or individual volunteer opportunities. Yes you can volunteer abroad, you can volunteer in Africa, you can make a difference, and you can have all your questions answered so go now. 

Posted on May 1st, 2014