Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

Frequently asked questions

I want to volunteer with my friends, can we apply together?

Yes you can apply together to volunteer. You should give details of the people you are applying with in the message section of the application. If you are five or more, we will encourage you to consider a group volunteering program. If you are applying for individual volunteer work, but wish to be placed in the same place as your friend who will also be interested in a different volunteer work, we will accommodate that.

Can I intern as part of my elective?

Yes you can but your teacher or professor must approve of it first.

Can I volunteer in more than one program?

Yes. Many volunteers are usually involved in more than one of our programs but may handle the same group of people. For instance, a volunteer may work with children only and may handle different programs we offer to improve the lives of children.

What are the age limits to volunteer?

If traveling alone, the minimum age is seventeen years. If accompanied by a person 21 years or older, the minimum age is fifteen. Parents can travel with their children 8 years or older. Please note that after meeting the minimum age requirement, a person must meet other requirements for the program of interest.

When should I apply for a volunteer position?

You should apply as early as possible. It makes it possible to raise enough money to cover your expenses for your trip, enough room to plan and pack and prepare if you apply much earlier. We suggest you start planning 18-12months ahead of time. However, we are able to process applications on short notice, but that may not give room for us to plan a fundraising with you to cover your trip expenses. You will need a passport which is at least 6 months valid past your trip start date. You will need a visa which takes about two to three weeks to be issued, you will need some inoculations. So depending on what you have currently, the time limit may differ from person to person.

why should I spend money to volunteer my skills and energy?

We wish it does not come from your pocket to cover the expenses of your trip. It all depends on how soon we start the process and how we all work together to raise funds to cover this trip. But you should understand that we are serving people in need so we cannot burden the poor host family with the cost of your meals, utilities, etc. And we do not want to prioritize resources to be redirected from the real programs to cover your expenses. So please apply early and let us start working towards this as soon as possible to make enough money to cover your expenses, otherwise, we will need you to kindly cover that. And we hope you will come to experience an adventure and soul-fulfilling work that will give you new skills, perspectives, and satisfaction that far outweigh the expenses involved.

How much do I spend to volunteer?

It depends on how long you are staying, where are you traveling from, when are you traveling, what your lifestyle and needs are and how much fundraising we are able to do together before your trip. When you send in an application, it is one of the assessment we do together with you so we can figure out if and when it is feasible to do the trip

I represent a group, a faculty, an organization, can you work with us?

Yes we can. Email us and let us know what you are looking for and what your team’s skills and interests are.

Why should I travel all the way to Africa to volunteer?

One question some hesitate in their minds is “why travel all the way to Africa to volunteer when you can volunteer at home and when it even cost so much and many risk involved in traveling to Africa to volunteer?”.
Two quick answers out of the many;
1. In Africa, in the countries we work at, for the people in the poor communities we are helping, for the mothers, the children, and the orphans, there is no government assistance program. In many of these places, we are their first and only chance to get any kind of help.
2. Because when you come to Africa, not only are you giving to people, you also get to take back a lot in return. Volunteers get to learn new things, and able to position themselves to see things about their lives from a different perspective that they do not easily see if they remain in their home-country. There are also many exciting adventures involved.

Why should I get involved in a place far away from my country?

Because of the easy and fast global movement of problems including diseases, and refugees due to high rates of poverty and violence. We believe that the best form of defense for your family and future family is to extend the defense line. To go to those places that are breaking apart because of the enormity of the challenges, create solutions there so diseases can be stopped there, prosperity can grow there and problems do not come from there to your doorsteps but the good fruits of seeds we plant with our acts of kindness and sacrifices.
Because in such places, a dollar can change a life but in your home-country, a dollar cannot, so the little you can offer will go a long way in changing many lives over here. Because people are genuinely grateful and appreciative of your kindness and help over here. So come and join us make a difference.

What are the likely expenses to come up for me?

The expenses you should expect for your trip include your airfare, new passport, visa application fee, travel clinic cost (yellow fever, flu and hepatitis immunizations, Malaria medication), travel gear (may include mosquito nets, bug repellent spray and cream, flip-flops, worldwide electric plug adapter, voltage converters), meals expenses, hotel accommodation for group volunteering program and host family accommodation for non-group volunteering, transportation and entrance fees to places of interest.

Are volunteers met at the airport?

ALWAYS. A project staff is at the arrival terminal to pick volunteers up. You will see the staff holding up your name on a board. Before your departure, you will be given a picture, name and contact number of the staff who is meeting you at the airport. You will also receive details of what happens upon arrival. But sometimes, unexpected incidents like a delayed flight, baggage left behind, can alter plans to respond to these challenges. For group travelers, the same process happens. But sometimes, depending on the size of the group, a staff may be sent to accompany the group from departure from your home-country.