Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

Our field programs

Volunteer in Africa with us and our collective little efforts will come together to create an amazing impact and experience that is soul-fulfilling and worthy to be a part of. One gets such a satisfaction to know such little steps meaningfully change the lives of many children, families, and communities. This is the spirit behind what we do.
Our field programs in Africa designed to be responsive in changing the lives of children living in poverty include || Microfinance program to empower men and women in the community in areas of Agriculture and petty trade. || Reading & Literacy programs in the local schools to strengthen the children’s education weakened due to lack of resources or teachers or both in most cases. || Elderly Care programs designed to provide improved family care for aging relatives with cognitive challenges limiting their ability to be independent. || Dental Hygiene in schools and in community education forums which we include distribution of toothbrushes and application of fluoride to the teeth of the children || Healthcare programs in these communities in Africa || Agriculture programs for the men and women in the poor villages, as a means of job creation and providing food for their families. || Feminine Hygiene programs to promote equal opportunities, respect and value for females just as the males get, keeping girls in schools, etc || Water Filtration program to provide safe drinking water for newborn babies to cut down on infant mortality rates

Volunteering opportunities with us in Africa include || Outreach healthcare volunteer work in Africa || Literacy & Education volunteer work || Feminine Health volunteer work || Clean water volunteer work || Microfinance volunteer work in Africa || Healthcare volunteering in Africa || Global healthcare volunteer work in Africa || Orphans and Children in Africa volunteer work || Conservation volunteering || Agriculture volunteer work in Africa