Volunteer in Africa with
Sem Fronteiras Charity Org.

Goal and activities we undertake to meet our purpose

Our goal: To positively influence and promote a better future for African children living in poor communities and to conserve the environment for their future.
Our Activities: In pursuit of this, we are into activities in education, healthcare, environmental protection and cross cultural experience for children and parents in affected communities. Our programs are designed to offer global inclusion to anyone willing to be a part of working towards our set goal. Not only do you get to be a part but you also get the opportunity to make new friends, discover new cultures, expand skills and knowledge, explore interesting places and have fun doing all these. When we bring locals and foreigners to work side by side to solve local problems, it creates a platform to demystify myths and build deeper foundations for international relations.

Conservation activities
We are planting trees to combat climate change. Trees that provide shade for children to play under and adults to hold gatherings under, trees that bear fruits that will feed the hungry like mangoes and oranges, trees that enrich the soil, the air and whose leaves can be used for food and herbal medication, like Mangoes, Moringa and Neem Tree. Trees that thrive in hot climates and can provide cash for the local people like Shea butter. We are providing free seeds for nursing, free seedlings for planting to local schools and residents interested in planting on their farms and lands. Teaching them how to inter-plant them with their crops and providing ongoing support. We are also planting many seedlings using volunteers. We are advocating for alternative pesticides and fertilizers that are eco-friendly.

Healthcare activities
Many countries in Africa we work in, like Ghana has been blessed to have well trained doctors and nurses. However, the infrastructural challenges still puts poor rural communities and needier people in lack of access to doctors and health facilities. Our healthcare program aims at serving these people. We set up make-shift clinic in deprived areas so people with difficult access to a health facility can come for basic healthcare services like dental care, eye care, Blood pressure, HIV/AIDS testing, Hepatitis B testing, Blood sugar testing, sexually transmitted diseases testing, septic wound care, skin infections, malaria testing, malnutrition and Women’s health. We provide medication or referral to a hospital. We pay for health insurance for those who do not have health insurance but need long term care/treatment. Some of them are provided money for travel cost.

Education/Community activities
Sharing mosquito nets to women and children who sleep on the streets. Provide mothers in poor communities with small funding for businesses. Organize meal treat days to provide some festive foods to children. Through our pen pal program, we are creating connections between children in poor places and those in developed nations or the cities. Teaching scrabble to encourage the children to learn new words and basic mathematics in a competitive game play environment. Providing storybooks for kids to read, promoting after school reading clubs. Providing education materials like mathematical sets, note books, pens, pencils. Providing recreational materials like soccer balls, jerseys. Building recreational structures like swings and slides for children in deprived communities.

Last Updated: April 1st, 2015