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Our volunteer opportunities

harness your potential, skills, passion, and interests to help us run our programs. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity that is both valuable and rewarding, consider serving with us. Our Volunteer opportunities do not only involve you in giving your time to make a difference, but you get to experience, learn and do fun things like discovering new cultures, skills, language, dance, and drumming. Those who have opted to work with us on our volunteer opportunities speak of the huge benefit the experience was to them. A life-changing experience. Many past volunteers also speak of how it made them appreciate things they usually take for granted. More volunteers have also spoken of how it expanded their perspective, improved their adaptability and enhanced their academic, career and social lives. Almost all have said it is by far the greatest adventure of their life and they shall never forget. You get to see the African wildlife and historic monuments you have only watched on National Geographic, a captivating experience far different than how it feels on TV.


Volunteers of a group volunteered in Africa on our program and posed for a picture during exploration of interesting places Volunteers of a group volunteer in Africa program posing for a picture. We are happy to answer any questions you have at any time. No question is offensive, so feel free to ask all questions to prepare you to make a decision and join us to make an impact.