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volunteer opportunities abroad in Africa

Below are the two group volunteering programs designed to include international volunteers in our work. We welcome any group of people to work with us. We welcome individuals to join any of our open groups to be part of group volunteering
Internship & Volunteering at rural clinics and hospitals
Volunteer to work in a local clinic or hospital. As a doctor, Nurse, PA, NP, medical student or nursing student, you will help at places where the healthcare facility has only one or two nurses serving a whole community of several hundred people or at the local hospital to support the limited staff
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Group medical volunteering
We build a team of international volunteers made of doctors, nurses, PAs, NPs, health professionals and students and we go to poor isolated communities with no health facility to run temporal clinic providing diagnosis, testing, referrals and treatment for diseases including vision, dental, malaria, STDs, skin infections, Hepatitis.
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Conservation volunteering work
Be part of our work to plant more trees to fight deforestation affecting the climate, provide tree shades for children to play under, which also provide fruits and food for the local people. We are providing seedlings to schools and farmers. We are planting trees by the streets, water bodies, in schools and other public structures.
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Group Community volunteering
We bring a team of international volunteers together, no skills required. We work in orphanages and poor communities building slides and swings for children, we help a child read a book, computer literacy, dental care, personal hygiene, provide street mothers with mosquito nets, and sex workers with information on STDs & help from abuse.
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Orphanage & Children volunteering
In an orphanage or local school, help a child read a book, teach a child computer literacy, help children do their homework, help children learn social manners, proper tooth brushing, personal hygiene, offer to teach basic English, share stories and photos about your world, educate local mothers on nutrition for the mother and child.
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Our volunteer opportunities

harness your potential, skills, passion and interests to help us work toward our goal; To positively influence and promote a better future for African children living in poor communities and to conserve the environment for their future.
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Our group community volunteering program bring a group of volunteers to make a difference in the lives of children and orphans in poor communities in Africa.

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity that is both valuable and rewarding, we sure deliver beyond expectations. Past volunteers share their experiences.


Our Volunteer opportunities do not only involve you in giving your time to make a difference, but you get to experience, learn and do fun things like discovering new cultures, skills, language, wildlife safari, dance, drumming, potentials and perspectives. Those who have opted to work with us on our volunteer opportunities speak of the huge benefit the experience become to them. How life changing it becomes. Many past volunteers also speak of how it made them appreciate things they usually take for granted. More volunteers have also spoken of how it expands their perspective, enhances their academic, career and social lives. All have said it is by far the greatest adventure of their lives and they shall never forget. You get to see the wildlife and historic monuments you have only watched on National Geographic and be captivated by many experiences.


Volunteers of a group volunteered in Africa on our program and posed for a picture during exploration of interesting places

Volunteers of a group volunteer in Africa program posing for a picture. volunteer abroad in Africa. Join our group medical volunteer work, medical intern/volunteer work, orphanage/children volunteer work and group community volunteer work

We have two kinds of group Volunteer opportunities and three different kinds of non-group volunteer work

volunteer opportunities for medical or healthcare services, volunteer opportunities for social support services and educational programs.

To volunteer with us inside Africa as an individual traveler or join one of our groups, fill an application form. No fees involved to apply. The opportunities to be a group member are open on selected dates published on each group page. Learn about the various opportunities we have, find what interests you most, sign up, join us to make a difference, make new friends, learn new things and experience new things. We are happy to answer any questions you have anytime. No question is offensive, so feel free to ask all questions to prepare you to make a decision and make an impact.

Last Updated: April 5th, 2015